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Ultron® ES-CD

Cyclodextrin-based chiral HPLC phases for
better performance
For the enantiomeric separation of hydrophobic
cyclic compounds
Mobile phase of both reversed phase and normal
phase can be used
Excellent stability and durability
    Ultron® ES-CD and Ultron ES-PhCD are chemically bonded
with Β-cyclodextrin (CD) and phenylcarbamated Β-cyclodextrin
(PhCD), respectively.
    Typical applications include acidic and basic pharmaceuticals,
pesticides and organic compounds.



Ultron® ES-OVM

Protein-based chiral HPLC phases for better performance
A wide range of chiral applications
No deriveatization required
Aqueous mobile phase can be used in the separation

    Ultron® ES-OVM is a chiral separation column immobilized

with ovomucoid which is strong protein for denaturation.

(US PATENT 6027648 Eisai Co., LTD.) that has numerous

chiral recognition sites, making it applicable to a wide range

of enantiomeric compounds.
    This column recognizes hydrogen-bonding, polar, ionic,

and hydrophobic sites, as well as the three-dimensional

structure of sample molecules.


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