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About us


    Ligand Scientifi c Co.,Ltd. is proud to be the single-source solution for chromatography aceesories and instrumentation needs. For more than 20 years, since 1991 Ligand scientifi c has been a leading source of chromatography products in Thailand. We are proven experts in this fi eld. We support customer needs with our best knowledge in chroamotography base sales and application support. We have a full range of chromatography products including GC, HPLC, IC, Columns, TLC, SPE, QuEChERS, LLE, FLASH, Filtration products. Our products have been used in viarious kind of applications including pharmaceticals, foods, environtals, petrochemiacals, chemicals, drudgs and etc that run in both goverment and industrial laboratories.

Sales and Suport

    Our customers have bough with confi ndence, selecting high qulatity products. We provide customer support for the long term before, during and after the sale to ensure you purchase the right products for your application and know how to best use and maintain them.

Instrument Service

    In addition to our portfolio, Ligand scientifi c Co.,Ltd. is renowned for offering instrument service including repare service, preventive maintenance (PM) and performance qualifi cation (PQ) for GC, HPLC, ELSD and Water Purifi cation system. Customers also rely on our team of trained and experienced application specialists and servise engineers for superior service with resonable cost and warranty.

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