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Sevice>Instrument Repair (RP)

Instrument Repair (RP)

  What our features?

    Get Equipment Repaired as new as possible

    Fastest turnaround

    Reasonable service cost, below OEMs standard rates

    90 days Standard Warranty

  What we repair?

    HPLC Agilent, HP, PE, Waters, Varian, Dionex, Shimadzu, Thermo and YL

    GC Agilent, HP, PE, Varian, Shimadzu, Thermo and YL

    ELSD Alltech, Agilent, Dionex, Polymerlab, Sedex and SOFTA

    Water Purification Systems Millipore, ELGA, Branstead and YL

  What your benefits?

    Get Equipment Repaired as new as possible

    Manufacture well training service engineers team and operating experience on your equipment

    More than 50,000 genuine or equivalent parts and accessories ready for services.

    Fastest turnaround

    For In-House repair, turnaround less than 15 working days

    For On-Site repair, turnaround less than 3 working days

    Reasonable service cost, below OEMs standard rates

    Per-job service, flexible rate depends on your need

    1 year Service agreement, pay-less rate and minimize downtime

    Multiple choices with PM or PQ options, lowest cost, save your valuable time and first priority

    90 days Standard Warranty

    Re-repair within 15 days with no charge


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