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    Placed between injection valve and HPLC column protects the column from particles originating in the sample and from valve seal wear.

    Improves 99.995% gas purity to 99.9995% purityStainless steel Prefilters, pressure rated to 9,000 psi

    Visible indicators for both oxygen and moistureBiocompatible PEEK polymer versionspressure rated to 5,000 psi

    Expected life of more than one year in typical use with up to 4 GCsChoose either the 0.5µm or 2µm version to filter particulates from flow path.

    Ultra-Low Volume version has lowest swept volumes (0.61µL), ensuring maximum protection with no band broadening with pressure rated to 9,000 psi.

 Inline Filters

    General Use and Prep Inlet Filters are good practice to filter your solvents to prevent pump damage.


    One-Piece Fittings

    Two-Piece Filltings

    Unions,Tees & Crosses


    PEEK Tubings

    Sprial PEEK Tubing

    SGE PEEKsil Tubing

    Stainless Steel Tubings

    Tubing Accesories


    Rheodyne® Model 7725 and 9725

    Rheodyne® Model 8125

    Rheodyne® Model 7520

    Rheodyne® Model 7410

    Rheodyne® Model 3725

    Rheodyne® Model 7000

    Rheodyne® MX Serise II

    Rheodyne® Rapid Replacement Pod

    Rheodyne® Rhebuild®kit

    Rheodyne® Replacement parts

    Sample Loops

Intel Solvent Filters

    General Use Intel Solvent Filters

    Bottom-of-the Bottle Intel Solvent Filters

Llquid Handlings

    Bottle Caps

    Bottle caps Plugs and Adaptors

    Gless Bottles


    Vertical® Vacuun Degassers

Solvent Recycling

    Biotech SmartSaver

HPLC Syringes

    Syringes for Manual Injection

    Syringes for Autosamplers

    Syringes Cleaners

Gas Purifiers for LC/MS

    Gas Purifiers for LC/MS

Lon-Pair Reagents and Buffers

    Regis S-Series (for cations)

    Regis Q-Series (for Antion)

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