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Kromasil® HPLC Column

 Kromasil® premium silica-based HPLC columns and chromatography packings are developed for analytical up to process scale applications. Kromasil has superior mechanical and chemical stability, high available surface area, and a narrow pore size distribution. This results in long lifetime and high loading capacity. In addition the surface properties are excellent, making it possible to run even basic compounds without the use of additives.

Kromasil® Eternity

Designed for long life For use in HPLC and UHPLC

The long-lasting phase for demanding applications

    Imagine working under virtually no pH restrictions during method development.

Thats exactly what Kromasil Eternity allows you to. Kromasil Eternity is our latest

innovation for separation and purification of compounds under reversed phase

HPLC and UHPLC. Since many pharmaceutical compounds are ionizable, the broad

pH user window from 1 to 12 allows you more flexibility in altering retention time

during method development. However, wide pH variations have a negative impact

on column lifetime. Thats why Kromasil Eternity is based on a patent pending

grafting technology (see the three-step description), securing a long-lasting

product even under tough pH conditions as well as at high temperatures.

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