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Vertisep™ HPCL Columns

    Vertisep™ columns are manufactured to the highest standards of quality and  reproducibility with our technical expertise for the best columns, the best applications and the best technical support.

    VertiSepfamilies include silica-based and polymer-based for reversed-phase, normal-phase,HILIC,ion-exchange and ionexclusion chromatography.


VertiSep™ Intergral

    Ultra-high resolution & Faster separation with Core-shell technolohy

VertiSep™ pHnedure

    Hybrid organic-inorganic particle based packings providing extended pH Stability

VertiSep™ UPS

    Ultra performance silica columns-The top series

VertiSep™ AQS

   Reversed-phase columns for use with 100% aqueous mobile phases

VertiSep™ HCS

    Highest carbon loading silica columns for high resolution applications

VertiSep™ BDS

    Base-deactivated silica columns-the alternative to Hypersil® BDS

VertiSep™ EPS

    High Purity base-deactivated silica for sharp symmetrical peaks

VertiSep GES

    General purpose, economical columns

VertiSep BIO

    Special packings for peptides, proteins and life science application

VertiSep IRS

    Irregular silica columns the alternative to Waters® Bondapak

VertiSep MMS

    Multifuctional silica based columns for specific application and recommend by USP

VertiSep SPS

    The alternative to Waters spherisob® with similar methods

VertiSep™ SUGAR

    Polymer-based packings for sugar or carbohydrate applications

VertiSep OA

    Polymer-based packings for organic acids by ion exclusion chromatography

VertiSep PRP

    Polymer-based packings for applications at pH from 1-14

VertiSep™ IC

    Anion column for strong anions, weak anions, oxyhalides Cation column for separate mono- and divalent cations

VertiSep Anion AX1

VertiSep Anion AX2

VertiSep Anion AX300

VertiSep Cation CX1

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