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GeniSys :CMS NitroGenerator

    Designed for the Mass Spectrometry market, the GeniSys NitroGenerator-LCMS is an extension of the NG range with flows from 15 to 60 I/min. Thesystem is economical to run, producing nitrogen only when needed.


    • Pressure Swing Absorption (PSA) process

    • Dry Nitrogen purity range (99% 99.9%)

    • Compact and lightweight

    • Low Power requirement


Zero Air Generator

    The Zero Air Generator uses new catalyst technology to produce hydrocarbon-free air with minimum power consumption and no moving parts. It is available in dual voltage, in both benchmount and 19 rackmount versions. Simply plug in the ZeroAir generator and connect in-line to the application.


• Hydrocarbon-free air to <0.1ppm New catalytic


• Low Power consumption

• Modular system

• Flows from 1 I/min to 80 I/min with no flow loss.

• Output Pressure to 147psi (10 Bar).

Hydrogen Generator PGH2

The PGH2 range of hydrogen generators use the lates polymer elctrolyte membrane (PEM) tehnology to produce hydrogen.


• Ultra-High Purity (99.9999%)
• Delivery Pressures up to 7 barg
• Flows up to 6 Litres pre minute
• Safe No storage or caustic chemicals
• Automated unattended operation
• Full microprocessor control
• Small Footprint Low maintenance





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